NGCodec's RealityCodec™ is a distribution broadcast-quality transcoder for H.265/HEVC, supporting ABR and running in FPGA instance types in the cloud.


  • Broadcast quality live IPB encoder

  • 100% FPGA based with no host CPU requirements

  • 8 simultaneously independent encoded streams

  • Programmable latency of 1 second to 10 seconds

  • Simple API based on industry standards

  • 4:2:0 8-bit (10-bit HDR coming in 2019)

  • H.264/AVC and AV1 coming in 2019

HEVC/H.265 Encoder is live on AWS Marketplace.

VP9 Encoder is live on AWS Marketplace.

AWS User Guide


  • Better quality than x265 ‘slow’ at 60fps

  • 10x lower power consumption than CPU/GPU

  • Full support for Adaptive bitrate streaming (ABS)

  • Supports a range of use cases

  • FFMPEG plugin