Location: Silicon Valley or Waterloo Canada

We're a well funded community of builders - engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs - who love what we do. We are looking for people who share our passion, our drive, our commitment and our abilities. NGCodec is working on the next generation of video compression and we have a $Billion plan to change how the internet uses video. Come join our journey

NGCodec uses a High Level Synthesis (HLS) design methodology, meaning that although we are designing hardware, the design description is in C++ which is automatically synthesized into Verilog RTL by a synthesis tool.  

The primary task is to be responsible for validation of our C++ HW design against a golden reference model, also written in C++.  This involves creating and maintaining a test bench that can compare the behavior of the two designs at a block by block level.  Also, defining tests and coverage strategies, setting up regressions, debugging mismatches,

Although this is essentially a HW verification task, we are not using traditional HW verification EDA tools, and most of the
is purely in C++.  Therefore, this job could be filled by a person with a traditional HW verification background, or also by a SW engineer with a reasonable understanding of HW.

Requirements / Qualifications:

The ideal candidate will have all of the qualifications below.  The first two are mandatory, and the more of the remaining that you can lay claim to, the more favorably we will look upon your resume.

+ 5-10 years of experience in HW verification, OR 5-10 years C++ SW design and debug with some HW background.
+ High degree of proficiency with C++, object oriented programming, inheritance, etc.
+ Experience in video encoding / decoding with H.264 or HEVC or similar
+ Proficiency with Verilog design and debug
+ Scripting with Python, Perl or similar
+ Experience with C++ code coverage tool such as GCov, Bullseye, etc.
+ Adept at working in a Linux development environment
+ Experience with PCIe, either from a HW implementation or firmware development perspective

Please include a cover letter with your application correlating your experience with these qualifications


Industry-competitive salary depending on level of experience
Stock options with four-year vesting
Health insurance