NGCODEC VR and Cloud Streaming Demonstrations at CES 2019, Delivering Live Streams at Broadcast Quality to Any Screen

NGCoded has the highest performance, lowest latency, best visual quality video encoders available and is demonstrating the future of live video streams and mixed reality experiences at CES 2019. If you would like to meet with us, use our online scheduling tool below to reserve a time slot or visit our booth at Sands Expo Center, Level 1, Hall G, Booth 52786 at CES 2019. Email us directly at for any inquiries.

Live video streams are a massive component of internet traffic and growing fast. At CES 2019 NGCodec will for the first time have our own booth and will be demonstrating the future of live, interactive internet video. We are announcing announcing our upcoming AV1 support and double density encoding - a 2X performance improvement - coming later this year.  See a demonstration of VR encoding at the full resolution and spec of the HTC Vive featuring our latest visual quality improvements, delivering a low latency video stream with performance and visual quality indistinguishable from the native stream at less than 20 Mbits/Second.

NGCodec CES19 Booth.png